The Crypto Market Crashed – Not EndoTech Algos

It’s painful – even ‘conservative’ investments have crashed this year. S&P, NASDAQ, Crypto, BTC and even USD! HODL’ing has crashed. S&P   – 19% NASDAQ    – 30% Crypto – 44% BTC – 34% Even the USD! – 9%  (Ouch! Watch out for inflation!) EndoTech algos preserve and grow wealth Compare these ‘conservative HODL’ investments vs. Algos YTD.   […]

New EndoTech Connectivity with FTX Brings Algorithmic Crypto Trading to the Masses

EndoTech’s AI strategies identify tactical breakouts instead of using buy and hold strategies, bringing the power of algo trading to retail crypto consumers. EndoTech, an algorithmic SaaS solution for automated crypto trading announces its connectivity with FTX, a leading regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The connection allowsFTX’s more than 300 million customers with access to EndoTech’s platform […]

What Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Fund?

What is a Crypotcurrency Exchange Trade Fund?

Crypto investing is becoming more accessible. With the crypto ETFs, investors can experience digital crypto assets without dealing with blockchain technologies. For many, this is the ideal way to have exposure to cryptocurrency. What Is a Cryptocurrency ETF? A cryptocurrency exchange traded fund (ETF) is a fund consisting of cryptocurrencies. Most ETFs track an index […]

HODL Crypto Meltdown, EndoTech AI Strategy on Fire

HODL Crypto Meltdown, EndoTech AI Strategy on Fire   While the market has been tanking, our strategies have been booming. Take a look at 4H EOS Alpha that delivered 2461.05% return last year.    Compare these results with the bear market in the last months! 4H EOS Alpha is available in our Private club* For […]

How EndoTech’s Automated Al Algorithms Work

how automated AI algorithms

  Transcript: Dr. Anna Becker Speaking: There are several definitions of algotrading and many types of algotrading. Before AI computerization, algotrading was called systematic trading, and traders would sit next to monitors full of charts, news, and other information, make decisions when to buy and to sell, and then send trades through one of the […]

Why People Invest in Crypto Might Surprise You

Why People Invest in Crypto

A recent study reveals the real motivating factor for cryptocurrency investments. An exciting new study has shed light on the driving factors of cryptocurrency investments. The study anonymously polled 1000 Americans, a portion of which had never invested in cryptocurrency; the rest had reported a range of experience with crypto trading. The survey focused on […]

EndoTech Crypto Algorithm Results

crypto algorithm results

Anna Becker: I’m fortunate to have an extremely smart and fun and great team in Endotech, but the addition to the Endotech that I found in you guys is just amazing. So thank you so much. And again, the reason for this page is that as every procrastinator, I was preparing this presentation during the […]

2022 Investors Expectations

crypto investor expectations

Anna Becker: You all know that money working is a heavily abused sentence. It’s like Jerry Seinfeld was talking about this and ask why can you tell me why? Because it fails. It fails so many times, even the attempts that they’re not failing and you get some money from the system. It’s still failing […]

How Traditional Hedge Funds Are Coping With Bitcoin

how traditional hedge funds are coping with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been on the rise for the past few years, and that has caught the attention of traditional hedge funds. These funds are starting to invest in crypto assets, but they are doing it cautiously. The cryptocurrency market is still a relatively new asset class, so many people don’t really understand […]

Popular Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

popular cryptocurrency hedge funds

Cryptocurrency hedge funds are becoming increasingly popular as the cryptocurrency market matures. But what, exactly, is a cryptocurrency hedge fund? How do they work? And how can you start one of your own? In this blog post, we will explore these questions and more. We will take a look at what cryptocurrency hedge funds are, […]