EndoTech features

Proven Performance

Proven Strategy Track Record

EndoTech offers a menu of proven automated trading strategies that spans many different assets, trading styles and risk profiles - each with trade-by-trade performance records. Each of these strategies have been tested, vetted and are continually improved to match market conditions and improve results.

Vetted Marketplace

EndoTech offers a limited selection of vetted strategies that have all been tested and proven over long periods of time. Strategies represent a cross section of crypto assets, trading styles and leverage.

Entry Requirements

EndoTech offers investors access to premier quantitative trading technology. Unfortunately, the most advanced quant trading technology is often exclusive to specific institutions and have minimum entry requirements of millions of dollars. By enabling institutions investors to access our quant strategies with just hundreds of thousands of dollars, more institutions investors have been able to capture the returns from EndoTechs’ algorithms.

Performance-Linked Fees

EndoTech’s fees are linked to the results of the algorithms delivered. That aligns incentives. Unfortunately, many trading bots have misaligned incentives. They charge a flat fee to start and are not incentivized for your profit maximization. Like traditional hedge funds that charge a small fixed fee, and then performance fees. EndoTech’s fee structure is a basic management fee and heavily linked to your results.

Automated Execution

Automatic Trading

EndoTech uses a SMA or fund approach to investing. For SMA, that means it leverages your existing, secure wallet. Simply connect the strategy you'd like to have automatically to your wallet and signals are sent and executed on your own account 24/7. You maintain full control of trading - with the ability to stop, start or change strategy as you see fit.

Handsfree Investing

Server based execution of all trades enables clients to enjoy automated trades. Monitoring and slippage control teams ensure clients get signals executed on their account. (This model is different from many ‘trading bots’ that require individuals to execute or verify that signals are actually executed on their wallets.)


Proprietary AI methodology used to create dynamic optimisation to crunch millions of values of parameters and rules to output the best strategy. Relying on multiple goal functions, using sensitivity analysis and proprietary linking methodology to escape overfitting - this model is a true crown of our AI technology.

Portfolio Management

Each EndoTech strategy is managed by a unique set of rules and execution engine. Institutional clients are invited leverage EndoTech's proven strategies and / or customize certain parameters to match their own investing thesis, preferred assets, risk profiles, and different leverage levels.

Strategy Development

Artificial Intelligence

The logic underpinning EndoTech's strategies is enormous. To quickly understand the market movements, market states and the endless permutations that exist, Dr. Becker, Dmitry Gooshchin and their quantitative team have developed leading artificial intelligence. This means that even as crypto markets evolve, EndoTech's AI continues to out-compute and out-perform manual trading.

Strategy Development Studio

All indicators are proprietary and use dynamically updated parameters such as periods, intervals, lags, multipliers etc. Strategies leverage a host of components including:

  • Resistance Support Lines (long and short term, dynamic - based of current market move linear regression bands, fibonacci),
  • Trend Lines (Bollinger Bands, Linear Regression bands)
  • Market States
  • Sentiment Analysis


Each and every EndoTech strategy undergoes extensive backtesting and private forward testing before being offered. That means that the trading logic has been developed to account for market movements. It is important to note that beyond that, each strategy's logic is also continually monitored and improved to ensure it performs across different market conditions.

Market Analysis

EndoTech strategies include a module that helps to normalize and analyze data for each asset as part of a larger signal detection approach.

Investment Security

SMA or Fund Structure

Customers maintain full control over their cryptocurrency at all times - they never transfer their funds out of their wallet using SMA where clients set EndoTech strategies to execute trades on their secure wallet using limited-access API keys. Alternatively, a fund structure is available to harness these strategies.


EndoTech upholds the highest security standards. Not only does that reflect our internal security stance for both physical and digital assets, but our work within the ecosystem. For example, we only partner with established exchanges that can deliver the service and security standards needed in this emerging market.

Transparency & Flexibility

Institutional Allocations

EndoTech has institutional allocation and infrastructure to serve large investors seeking outsized returns. This ranges from SMA accounts, to dedicated account managers to customized strategies and terms.

Detailed Performance Reports

All of EndoTech’s strategies’ performance are reported on its website and through client’s accounts. Additionally, dozens of each of the strategies’ key performance indicators (like win/loss ratios, drawdowns, trade frequency) are updated on it site and shown with market benchmarks.


EndoTech’s results have been checked by the leading accounting and auditing firms. Strategy details are presented and checked to be in step with the execution clients receive on their own secure wallets.

History Reports

Each EndoTech strategy has a full record of each of its positions and trades. These are visible both within customer accounts, and on our website. Each and every trade and position are fully archived for client transparency and vetting.

Client Services


Get real time updates every time your chosen strategy executes. EndoTech notifies subscribed accounts when strategies are in position. Notifications can be customized to suit investor preferences.

Educational information

EndoTech is at the forefront of applying AI to alternative markets. As such, members benefit from educational series, videos, web sessions, research and articles about the state of crypto currency and the role and mechanics of AI. These can be found on EndoTech’s Investing Academy.

Live chat and email support

In addition to our tutorial library, clients enjoy chat support and email support with our customer and technical team. Additionally, we have exclusive access to escalate issues to our wallet partners support.

Exit Points - Profit Withdrawal

EndoTech customers can withdraw their funds at any time. There are no restrictions or penalties for early withdrawal. Unlike hedge funds that only allow periodic access to capital, clients have full access to all their funds at any moment.