About EndoTech

EndoTech is the global leader in alternative investments. With hundreds of millions of dollars across different asset categories — ranging from crypto to foreign exchange and beyond, EndoTech is the recognized leader in algorithmic alternative investments.

Our mission is to enable investors to capitalize on the opportunity in alternative investments without buy and hold risk. We do this through advanced algorithmic technological solutions that enable investors to capitalize on the power of digital asset opportunities.


EndoTech was founded more than a decade ago and is the first true SaaS solution in the field of AI-driven automated trading.  EndoTech currently services clients and institutions around the globe with the ultimate automated trading solutions.

What We Do

We build AI-based volatility trading strategies that deliver non-correlated returns in a range of financial asset classes, embracing our clients’ risk-reward profiles in a dependable, reliable, and secure manner.

Our Vision

We aim to become the most highly performant and scalable quantitative trading strategy provider for the digital asset and traditional financial industries through expert application of deep technology and AI.

Dr. Becker Explains EndoTech's Mission