Only the client controls their privately held and operated exchange account and assets.

EndoTech is a SAAS (software-as-a-service) provider of real-time execution, AI driven trading strategies specifically tailored for the Cryptocurrency market. These trading strategies are delivered via API KEY connection to privately held and operated client exchange accounts. The API KEY connection provides trade execution ability only, the client alone controls the account, the assets within and of course the API KEY connection.

Clients view our live strategies as they publish both historical trade position data and full performance data via our website. Once connected to any strategy, the clients’ exchange account balance will execute the same positions as our strategy. Clients can track the automatic execution and results within their exchange accounts anytime. What we publish is what they receive, all executed live with minimal slippage or latency.

EndoTech was designed to provide institutional service. All systems are built to scale, market proven and capable of producing annual gains in both BTC and USD. We seek to provide exposure to the volatile extreme risk and young cryptocurrency market, by mitigating the risks through connection of our automation.

As systems were built to scale, we have grown to service retail, institutional and commercial grade clientele.

EndoTech clients pay both a subscription and performance/ profit sharing fee. The subscription fee is a % based on allocated funds for retail customers, or a set annual fee for institutional/commercial via annual terms.

Regardless of the client size or number of strategies connected, first we recover the annual/onboarding fee through profitable results (typically within the first 60 days), and then our clients pay quarterly or monthly a share of the genuine net profit achieved.

We do have some ideal candidates to deliver for. Typically any large scale entity with either existing exposure to digital assets or those seeking first entry. As we run emotionless tactical breakout based automation, we are able to capture huge rewards with mitigated risk due to the volatile and extreme risk scenarios which play out in crypto. More importantly, the clients are able to remain hands free — «set and forget».

Due to this scalable ability and proven trustless systems, we are able to target and deliver algorithms for clients ranging from $1000 — $10B. The greater our connected AUM (assets-under-management), the greater our statistical returns and revenues will be.

Our focus at this time is for institutional/commercial grade entities.

EndoTech is in step with regulatory bodies. This is a fast-evolving industry so guidance changes may be dynamic. At present EndoTech does NOT support customers from Belgium, Ontario province of Canada, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,  Pakistan, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic and Yemen. EndoTech does not support Futures (Alpha) and Leverage (VIP) strategies for customers from Austria and USA.