Algorithm Fundamentals

EndoTech’s Algorithmic Edge

Multi-Asset Strategies

Fully adaptable and uniquely pliant, our proprietary AI-driven algorithms can be applied across a variety of asset classes

Superior Non-Correlated Returns

With minimal correlations to the performance of any single underlying assets, institutional investors can generate outsized returns across markets

Systematic Risk Management

Using sophisticated and innovative in-house systems, we detect safe entry/exit points and meticulous cascade contingencies in volatile markets

Client Asset Custody

Holding full control and custody of one’s funds through the use of separately managed account solutions grants investors utmost safety and confidence

Automated Execution

Connecting accounts to our strategies via API, investors can enjoy full automation based on the power of AI, driven by the most cutting edge technology

Ultra-Low Latency & Slippage

Unmatched speed of execution creates ultra-accurate trading, thus maximizing potential returns while minimizing risk and slippage in volatile markets

Low-Frequency Turnover

Long-term trades corresponding with a limited execution monthly help maximize each and every market move while minimizing transaction costs

Zero-Conflict Performance Model

Tightly aligning our interests to our clients’, our pricing models are solely performance-based, ensuring any assessments are contingent on positive returns