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5 ways to Earn (and Keep) Institutional Investor Trust

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Earning and maintaining the trust of large investors is challenging in the best of times. Of course, with the fall of 3AC and Celsius, there is a big discussion about what is necessary to earn and keep the trust of institutional investors. EndoTech’s founders Dr. Anna Becker and Dmitry Gooshchin, have pioneered a very different -and appreciated- approach to institutional investing.  


To earn and keep investor trust, it is imperative to deliver remarkable financial returns with impeccable corporate standards.


  • 1. Security

Institutional monies require extra care and diligence. To ensure institutions have the level of reporting and custody they require, EndoTech has focused on providing institutions with algorithmic investing as a service through SMA model. This way, there are no custody fears. This has helped larger investors start and grow their portfolio allocations without fear.


  • 2. Risk Management

While nascent markets can provide Alpha opportunities, it is the risk management that comes to determine the effectiveness of the trading portfolio. This is doubly true in volatile markets. EndoTech’s advanced risk approach comes to manage multiple levels of risk to suit investor tolerance. Those automated risk management solutions enable institutional investors to partake in high volatility markets and limit their exposures. 


Advanced risk management models automatically adjust for the wild swings in the market by addressing various components including i) model risk ii) execution risks iii) exchange risks iv) market risks and v) systemic risks.

  • 3. Investment Thesis & Track Record

Having a clear investment thesis is critical. And delivering on that is imperative. EndoTech’s thesis is that nascent markets have high volatility and liquidity. As such, there is room for quantitative analysis and decision making that can far out-perform emotional, retail investors – the Buy and Hold generation.  EndoTech has developed and continues to refine its AI algorithms to prove its quantitative edge in investing. 


For over 4 years, EndoTech has proven it’s quantitative approach. With strategies that are long only, long/short, and leveraged, EndoTech has helped dozens of institutional investors manage their risk and capture the alpha of the volatile markets. Each strategy’s performance can be tracked in real time on the company’s website. 


  • 4. Transparency & Control

Too many investment vehicles are ‘black box’. This has led to scandals and misalignment of investment goals. By providing 100% transparency, institutions can see the various strategies being executed in real time on their accounts. Moreover, those can be validated against updated trading per strategy on EndoTech’s team. 


For larger investors, access to EndoTech’s investment team provides the reassurance and customization required for their policies.


Additionally, thanks to the API nature of the investment solution, investors remain in full control of the trades. They can stop trading, add assets, and liquidate at their discretion. While EndoTech’s quant algorithms have proven to outperform the market, each investor maintains these controls at all times.


  • 5. Credibility and Sound Corporate Standing

There have been too many personality based investment ideas. To have won the trust of more than one hundred thousand investors, and the premier support of large crypto exchanges like Gemini, Coinbase, Bitfinex and Binance, EndoTech prides itself as a leading, pioneering and trusted investment innovator. EndoTech is featured as the leading solution for investments  at Gemini and Binance.




To learn more about institutional investing opportunities, contact invest@endotech.io


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Jake Levant

Jake Levant