Crypto Algorithms

Buying Crypto

“Buy & Hold” Compared to Active Management of Cryptocurrencies

Buying and holding may feel intuitively correct in the world of cryptocurrencies, yet the opposite is true. Due to their volatile nature, holding digital currencies have various weaknesses to note:

  • The rigidity associated with holding various coins limits liquidity and carries a significant opportunity cost for missing concurrent market moves.
  • Moving in waves, a cryptocurrency asset can be in a bearish phase for significant timeframes, thus wiping out any unrealized returns.
  • When holding in a bullish market, you enjoy returns stemming from appreciation only, not from market volatility.
  • Managing funds in bullish and bearish markets generate returns alongside capital appreciation while remaining agile to capture all opportunities through the power of AI-based automation.

Crypto Algorithms

The Modern Investment Landscape Demands Unparalleled Flexibility & Automation

Our systems filter through market noise to capture unique market opportunities using the power of AI, coupled with advanced proprietary technology.

  • Full Automation
  • Client Custody Of Funds
  • Variety Of Assets & Strategies