Pay for Success Model


Our fees represent our products proven track record. While many services charge 1 time fees and have no interests in your results, EndoTech is highly vested in continuing to ensure the success of each and every customer. So much so, that our model relies on a performance fee. We earn when you earn.

And it works. EndoTech’s algorithms have created disproportionate wealth and we command a fee for the AI and Automation that underpins that technology.

While there are basic subscription licensing fees, these go to cover the heavy compliance and support requirements to serve clients globally.

EndoTech’s success is dependent on your financial success.

Powerful Algorithms with Performance-Based Fees

EndoTech’s algorithms are used by high-net worth clientele and institutional clients. Our fee structure is comprised of an annual subscription fee and performance fees.

Subscription fees are paid annually. 

Performance fees are paid quarterly or monthly (depending on the strategy) based on high-water mark.


15% subscription fee, 30% performance fee

For ETH Alpha, ETH Beta, BTC Alpha, BTC Beta, ETH/BTC Alpha, ETH/BTC Beta

Minimum $50,000 connected balance


0% subscription fee, 50% performance fee

For altcoins & leveraged strategies including:

EOS Alpha, EOS Beta, BNB Alpha, BNB Beta, XRP Alpha, XRP Beta, ETH leverage 10 Alpha, BTC leverage 10 Alpha, EOS Alpha leverage 4, ETH/BTC Beta leverage 4

 Available for those with minimum 3 strategies running and minimum $50,000 connected balance


Flat $125,000 subscription fee per annum per $5 Mil. 25% Performance fees.

Amir Isaacs Explains EndoTech's Fees