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New in September 2021 New website launch coming soon New sub account ability for Binance New strategy launch for Q4, 2021

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Top-5 questions about trading large volumes model performance

From our previous article or Youtube video, you may know that there are two important questions that irritate model developers. People are asking what will happen if everybody joins one strategy.  Instead, the true question is what happens to the model performance if it trades large volumes. The model performance

performance report

In August 2021 the performance report includes: Returns generated for clients: $18,462,818.39 Total connected client accounts: 157,662 Total assets under strategies: $160,039,469.20

Statement on the Binance exchange changes

Dear Clients, the following Statement concerns  ONLY the users of Binance.com, it will NOT affect users of other crypto exchanges. 

What if everyone is trading the same strategy?

There are two emotionally charged frequently asked questions. The first one is what would happen if everyone starts trading the same strategy? I don’t remember the first time I was asked this question. But I do remember this question asked during one of the meetings that changed my destiny and brought

The Advantages Of Automated Trading In The World Of Crypto
The Advantages Of Automated Trading In The World Of Crypto

Automated trading is all the rage in the world of finance, and the field of cryptocurrencies is no exception. Learn about the advantages of automated trading in the crypto space and what it can mean for you. If you’re active in the cryptocurrency market and prefer trading over HODLing, you’ll

Lessons From The Latest Bitcoin Slide - Downturns & Automated Trading
Lessons From The Latest Bitcoin Slide – Downturns & Automated Trading

The Power Of Automated Trading Systems In The World Of Cryptocurrencies Oftentimes, participants in the crypto space ask themselves whether they should trade or HODL. What about a third option that is probably your best bet in times of market turmoil? Check out the advantages of automated trading in these

Durable models development principles

The cornerstone of trading models development is to lower the risk of losing money and the risk of future failures. Once we have built a model, it might work great on backtesting for a few years. Then it works fine on real money for a few years. But suddenly it stops

Forex and crypto markets: modeling and trading

As you may have learned from our previous blog posts (read 1, 2) or Youtube videos (watch 1, 2), there are many differences between the forex and crypto markets. They define the modeling methodology, or how we trade, and what strategies we use with an emphasis on three parameters: the


New in July 2021 Video weekly updates with EndoTech CEO Dr. Becker NEW MARKETS! Alpha testing via commodity systems launched Beta phase testing for new FX Markets released