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Watch: Especially now, Algos Deliver

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Dr. Becker explains why every Alpha strategy is performing.
The crypto market is down more than 50%, but 4h EOS Alpha is Up 100% past 6m. 

EndoTech algos work.
24/7. Emotion free. And deliver returns.

To Allocate New Funds & Set up 4h EOS Alpha, click here or contact your account manager to set up  4h EOS Alpha to automatically execute on your account.


EndoTech Beta Strategies Are Protecting Your Investment

If you read the news, you’ll see the hype-sters saying ‘buy the dip’. 


Dr. Becker’s quant team modeled strategies that can detect real breakouts. Until then, your money is protected in USDT. 

EndoTech Beta strategies work. 

Each one outperformed the market.

[ Learn why ]


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Anastassia Vervaet

Anastassia Vervaet