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In September 2023

  • Unveiling Experimental New Algorithms Version 1.2
    After months of hard work, Dr. Becker is introducing a new set of algorithms. They will be tested on our company accounts before we make them available to the public. EndoTech, a seasoned software company, is dedicated to ensuring the quality of the final product. We always check any new algorithms before releasing them to the public.

    The upcoming Version 1.2, planned for release to EndoTech users later this year, is currently being used on our company accounts and by a few selected beta users.

    It offers a higher resolution of accuracy and more AI Experts to dissect market trends. Most notably, time period resolutions are now 30 minutes (down from 4 hours previously) and now rely on more than 100 AI Experts for various technical and fundamental indicators (up from the 70 AI Experts in the previous version).


  • New Model Training Underway
    With more than 100 individual AI Experts and more exacting time frames for analysis, managing the interplay between different signals becomes more critical. EndoTech is in the midst of expanding its AI toolset to orchestrate, prioritize, filter, and decide on the right actions. The team continues to integrate the latest technologies, including the newest releases of LLMs.


  • Customer Reviews Show EndoTech as Best-In-Class Technology
    EndoTech customers are now more appreciative of the financial innovation we bring than ever before. Our AI solution ranks higher than nearly any other technology on the market with 4.6 stars on Capterra and 4.2 stars on TrustPilot – far above the category average of 3.6 stars. If you’ve had a positive product experience, suggestions, or constructive feedback, please get in touch with Amir Isaacs at Amir.Isaacs@endotech.io to share your thoughts. We’re constantly working to enhance our services.

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David Leadmetrix

David Leadmetrix