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Performance Report For March/June 2020

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Today, EndoTech will collect performance incentive fees from 216 clients from a total of 1695 active accounts.

These users are located across 67 countries and are all members of our exclusive Shuttle Program. Client trading funds were connected to our AI-automated trading algorithm on March 1st, 2020, and June 1st, 2020.

Our average client account recovers the entire annual one-time entry fee within the first 90 days, along with enjoying an average return generation of over 47%.

New In August:

• New hedge fund

• New Hypership leveraged trading

• Manual forex signal program

• 216 new retail client connections

Graph of EndoTech's algorithmic trading performance for March-June 2020 across multiple cryptocurrency pairs
EndoTech’s March-June 2020 Algorithmic Performance

Endotech Crypto AI


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Jake Levant

Jake Levant