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In March 2024

  • Bitcoin Halving Volatility Opportunities
    With crypto markets attracting more institutional attention ahead of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, there are substantial market price swings. We have seen renewed volatility, and EndoTech’s algorithms remain responsive to these new market dynamics. This volatility presents an opportunity for investors to adopt a more alpha-oriented approach to investing in digital currencies, moving beyond the traditional roller-coaster buy-and-hold strategy.
  • New AI Capability: Market State Predictions
    Market states represent the general context of a market, providing a more defined picture of current market conditions. They enable other AI modules to optimize information ingestion and decision-making. Thanks to the dedicated efforts and advancements in AI, Dr. Becker’s quant team is now developing iterative market simulations that predict upcoming market states. This breakthrough in data processing and analysis is currently in the piloting phase, representing a significant advancement with an order of magnitude increase in parameters.
  • EndoTech’s Industry Leadership
    Dr. Anna Becker and Dmitry Gooshchin have been featured in numerous publications discussing the growth of cryptocurrencies, particularly among institutional investors. They have been cited in leading technology and financial publications covering topics such as the adoption of ETFs, volatility preceding the Bitcoin halving, the role of AI in data analysis, and the increasing demand from institutions to generate alpha through volatility in this dynamic asset class. Our leaders were recently highlighted in publications including RTInsights, Securities, and Unite.Ai.


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Elena Chauvin

Elena Chauvin