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In June 2023

  • Technical Roadmap and Releases
    With EndoTech’s team of 40+ quants and developers innovating the future of AI in investing, EndoTech has released a new technical roadmap to continue guiding our scientific direction. We continue to advance how we are using AI, including machine learning, LLMs, and attention models. For our investors, we have just deployed another version of our AI and continue to release new versions of the AI so our clientele benefit from the latest advances.
  • Institutional Investor Roadshow
    With renewed institutional interest in distributing crypto products, we have seen renewed institutions interest in our advanced solutions. Exciting developments by BlackRock, Fidelity, and more bode well for the industry. Our executive team continues to meet and collaborate with traditional financial institutions towards making advanced AI available on these new asset classes.
  • American Banker Highlights EndoTech Executive’s Innovation
    Traditional financial institutions have a renewed interest in digital assets and advanced crypto investing approaches. The foremost journal – American Banker – sat down with EndoTech’s Co-Founder and COO Dmitry Gooshchin to speak about the importance of harnessing the potential in digital assets and artificial intelligence. They also discussed the importance regulation plays in providing predictable, investable frameworks. Read more on our website.


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Gil Leadmetrix

Gil Leadmetrix