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In January 2024

  • EndoTech’s AI Models Now Live on Other Asset Classes
    After over a decade of AI development, EndoTech has started engaging select money managers in other asset classes. Just as EndoTech pioneered institutional-grade AI investments for digital assets, we are now leading the charge for other liquid and leverageable assets. Institutional investors have been seeking repeatable, systematic ways to capture Alpha in these markets. If you are a certified money manager and would like to explore harnessing our AI for your portfolio, feel free to reach out our team.
  • Institutional Investors Applaud Dr. Becker’s AI Innovation in the Press
    As more asset allocators witness the results of using EndoTech’s AI platform, the company is gaining increased coverage in the investment press. Recently, Dr. Becker and her innovative AI platform have been featured in publications, including Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, Digital Journal, FinExtra, and more. For a comprehensive list of our regular media coverage, join our dedicated social channels on Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twitter/X.
  • New Investment Vehicles Now Available for Money Managers
    Many investors have taken advantage of the secure self-custody solutions EndoTech offers. Now, with the influx of new institutional funds and collaboration with regulatory bodies, EndoTech is extending its investment technologies through additional vehicles. These vehicles enable tailored investments with full custody, regulatory oversight, and operational excellence to serve investors globally. If you are a money manager looking to leverage Alpha-seeking AI, feel free to reach out through our institutional channels at https://endotech.io/institutional/.


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David Leadmetrix

David Leadmetrix