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In February 2024

  • Quant Funds Learn About EndoTech’s Unique Multivariate AI Approach
    Over the past few months, EndoTech’s management has been engaging with different quant funds to discuss Dr. Becker’s unique approach. These conversations have showcased EndoTech’s breakthrough in multivariate AI analysis. The discussions highlight EndoTech platform’s ability to factor in more than 200 AI modules, as opposed to the traditional quant approach of a narrow single or duo-variable approach to algorithms.
  • EndoTech Releases Upgraded Strategy Studio
    EndoTech released its upgraded Strategy Studio with enhanced capabilities across its core components. The latest release features a more robust strategy studio, updated administration and risk control modules, and improved execution performance. This reflects continued leadership from EndoTech’s quant development team, comprising over 40 professionals, and has been seamlessly deployed throughout our operations. These should strengthen EndoTech’s capacity to offer market contextualization and precise predictions.
  • EndoTech’s AI Accomplishments Highlighted in the Press
    As AI continues to integrate into mainstream business operations across financial services, EndoTech’s technology is attracting attention from journalists in financial and technology publications. EndoTech’s founders have been featured in publications for their efforts to expand the adoption of advanced AI among institutional investors. Recent coverage includes Morningstar, Digital Journal, and Entrepreneurs Break. To stay informed about industry coverage, join our social channels on Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twitter/X.


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David Leadmetrix

David Leadmetrix