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New Study Reveals How AI Can Better Crypto Investment Returns

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Cryptocurrency was introduced to the world over a decade ago, boasting an anonymous, decentralized trading model. The release marked a critical redefining and restructuring to a characteristically stiff and unyielding financial sector. The concept of decentralized currency excited and empowered an entire generation of young fin-tech enthusiasts to engage and invest their savings. 

Nearly 20% of Americans have taken the plunge as crypto investors and tried their luck in the crypto market, shelling out billions of dollars in trade investments in hopes of cashing in on big returns. Studies have shown that Gen X and Gen Y’ers are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than their parent’s generation. They are highly motivated by quick returns as opposed to their predecessors who would likely characterize their motivation to invest as a secure place to anchor and grow their savings.

Cryptocurrency Returns are Unpredictable 

Despite its continually growing popularity, cryptocurrency investing is rife with risk and market volatility. Investors have to be secure in their understanding that the crypto market price of any given cryptocurrency is largely based on speculative value by armchair experts and media hype. In the US and elsewhere, there is currently no central regulatory body overseeing the often chaotic market. 

The value of bitcoin, for example, is so unpredictable that it has the potential to fall 30% in a single day, as it did before. While that fact may seemingly repel and frighten individual investors, investments continue to rise, outpacing traditional commodities like the stock market and gold.

We’re in an Investing Tech Revolution

It is no secret that we are living through a technological revolution. Tech advancement is reshaping every sphere of our lives, even in the most traditional sectors. Our farmers are being trained to fly drones over their fields in order to pinpoint problematic regions, avoiding huge losses, machines are building our cars faster than humans ever could and our phones can hold more data than we know what to do with. 

Unsurprisingly, banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions have caught on and are taking advantage of AI-enabled solutions to automate trading projections and profitability. Every single thing we interact with is ‘smart’ and becoming smarter with the help of artificial intelligence, and for good reason.

Smart Cryptocurrency Investing Platforms are Gaining Ground

Cryptocurrency investment doesn’t have to be left behind, the market doesn’t have to rely on media hype and speculation to set its value. Advanced technology, including AI, has the power to inform investors of timely cryptocurrency transactions and increase their likelihood of positive results as it does in the traditional banking industry. 

Like many other technologies that were previously restricted to only institutional and fund investors, algorithmic technologies are making their way to retail investors too. As consumers become accustomed to AI-based e-commerce recommendation engines, we are also seeing AI-inspired investing technology make its impact on investing.

Fortunately, companies like EndoTech are making AI-based automated investing a reality for hundreds of thousands of investors. These are empowering investors with bank-grade technologies to harness the power of AI to inform investors of optimal trade timing.

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