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  • New 2022 Crypto Survey Shows more than 18% of US households are crypto investors, with surprising motivations, concerns and behaviors.

New 2022 Crypto Survey Shows more than 18% of US households are crypto investors, with surprising motivations, concerns and behaviors.

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Rehovot Israel, Mar 8, 2022 – The 2022 Crypto Investment Survey, which surveys American retail investors, revealed today stark changes in the world of crypto investment adoptions and motivations. The survey of more than one thousand investors was conducted in February and spans investors – from early to high net worth individuals. Investors were asked about their motivations, expectations, hesitations and results investing in digital currencies like bitcoin. The survey, sponsored by EndoTech, comes on the heels of significant innovation, regulatory changes and geo-political noise in the crypto investment industry during the last 6 months.

“It is remarkable to see how more investors are flocking to this new investment class and are eyes-wide-open about the opportunities and risks therein,” said Dr. Anna Becker, CEO of EndoTech. “I’m reassured to see that investors are realistic about the risks and returns and are quickly adopting bank-grade technologies to help capture more of the potential in these markets using automation and AI.”

Among the findings:

  • Crypto appeal is rooted in potential returns (58% cite this as a key motivation)- moving away from early adopters’ more visionary motivations of creating decentralized finance.
  • Investment challenges are around market volatility (cited by 53% of respondents)
  • For those investing in digital currencies, allocations far exceed traditional ‘risk capital’ thresholds.
  • Institutional technologies like artificial intelligence and automation are the new frontier for effective crypto investing
  • Retail investors have realized improved results through new technological adoption.

The full survey results and methodology can be found on the guide to crypto investing website.

“While crypto investment volatility and regulatory ambiguity persists, investors have voted with their USDT. They are moving deeper into this emerging asset class as it provides opportunities that have not existed for years,” said Dmitry Gooschin co-founder at EndoTech. “Advanced technologies are permeating the market and helping investors manage these risks. Advances that allow full custody, full transparency, trade automation and more are driving continued household adoption and results.”


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