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Hello New Brand – New Site

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Building the world’s most widely distributed and used algorithmic trading solution requires enormous effort.  


For the last few years, we’ve focused nearly solely on growing the value for each of our nearly 200 thousand users!  

We’ve focused on

  • improving our world-renowned AI to match these volatile markets
  • ensuring our algorithmic signals are executed with no slippage. 
  • improving our connectivity with key exchanges
  • providing enhanced transparency for every customer.
  • delivering education and service to the larger community about the power of AI in digital currencies.

But, EndoTech’s website and application design were not keeping up with the pace of the innovation that the company delivered. 


So we’ve reimagined the platform and the website.

We were so excited to show you the beta version of this, and welcome any comments or bugs to support@endotech.io.

Our goal was to create a more modern application with a clearer user interface to help investors find, understand, and execute the automated solutions they are looking for.

We will continue to improve that ongoing and welcome your feedback and support.

Thank you for continuing to push us forward to further innovations!

Endotech cryptocurrency


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Jake Levant

Jake Levant