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EndoTech – Truly Modular AI-Based FinTech Solutions

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Fresh out of the box, we just released our latest autumn system updates, and times are undoubtedly good. Besides being firmly in the black here at EndoTech, we are also almost at the culmination of our seventh year of operation!

Dr. Becker, our founder and CEO, and her team have deployed algorithms to manage institutional funds for more than a decade. Yes, we are now mostly known for our staggering cryptocurrency market gains and abilities; however, the golden road we now travel was paved within the spot foreign exchange market first. The EndoTech AI FX bot delivery has returned positive performance since inception and launch and today leads the field for positive ROI production against hordes of riskier and less consistent EA’s and Bot services.


Image explaining how EndoTech AI-based crypto trading bots work to ensure clients receive the best trading strategies.
EndoTech’s Complete Modular Fintech Ecosystem

For the last two consecutive terms, our vision has been laser-focused on bringing both our Retail & Institutional Desks forward into the future. This includes designing and launching new product lines to produce a healthy and reliable ecosystem that can fully encompass any needs for any manner or type of investor. From day traders to large public companies, hedge funds, family offices, crypto miners, banks, and MLM networks, all are welcome to join and connect to a full spectrum of services.

As our Institutional client roster has expanded, so has our reach and ability to provide specialist services. This has recently come in the format of our newly partnered, fully regulated, and licensed OTC desk. 

Alongside full liquidity service provision for fiat-to-crypto-to-fiat, we can provide hedging services for large-scale miners and anti-manipulation AI bot-driven strategies for accounts or OTC settlement, all of which are delivered with industry-leading fees.

Miners can put their recently minted coins to work or switch into alt-coins or off exchange-traded coins. Besides switching with zero price slippage or latency with instant execution into fiat currencies, these operations can have fiat currency sent directly to the bank or an FX trading account. From the bank or FX trading account, AI bot-driven performance can be implemented via API or OTC.

Retail traders can also benefit. By cutting out the exchanges and intermediaries, they can purchase BTC at a lower cost while enjoying fully automated and consistent ROI delivery via our bots. When ready to move funds out of the ecosystem, they can enjoy the same in reverse.

Pooled funds and networks can also take full advantage. With full DAM/PAM/MAM/API/OTC delivery available, an infinite number of accounts can be connected and serviced in real-time, thanks to solutions and modules built for scale.

Since joining the team, here I can proudly say I have witnessed immense progress. It has taken almost an army of analysts, quants, data scientists, and operators to gain the momentum we needed to ascend the levels and rankings. Accordingly, I am pleased to announce our success to date officially and reveal that our full-service system modules are fully operational and available!

Our key aim now as an organization is to continue our current trajectory of reinvestment and development, deploy and spread our technology through added value strategic partnerships, and soon I hope to either launch our super fund or official IPO.

The future is indeed bright my friends, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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Jake Levant

Jake Levant