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EndoTech Q3 Major update

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highlighting Endotech’s new ΣTBot and its features, launched in Q3, 2018
Endotech Q3,2018 Update Notes

  • The ETBot™ (beta) is at your service and officially operating on the Kraken Exchange! 

In the next 72 hours, we will be focusing on connecting new and existing subscribers to the ETBot™ (beta) to ensure a smooth commencement on September 17th, 2018. We will constantly add new exchanges to connect to the ETBot™ (beta). Visit the My Account section or contact our staff members for assistance.

  • Over 20 new portfolios are now available to subscribers based on their subscription level, including the Super Alpha portfolios.
  • 8-hour breakout signals are now live! As 8-hour signals are more responsive and sensitive to market behavior, existing 24-hour signals subscribers can start following 8-hour signals at any given point.
  • In the current version, signals are distributed via email, Android, and iOS apps upon release. To follow the portfolio via email, simply turn on notifications for that portfolio only. Signals are also viewable online for each portfolio.
  • Individual coin signals are generated every 8 hours.
  • Subscription packages are updated.
  • Blockchain Vitals™ are now available online only and will be available via the Android and iOS apps upon release.
  • Pro package (and higher) subscribers can now request the service of Personalized (Customizable) Portfolios.

For more details, contact our support@endotech.io by email.



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Jake Levant

Jake Levant