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EndoTech Offers Cryptocurrency Hedging Consulting Service

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There is an abundance of similarities in managing risks of various aspects of traditional business operations like foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk, commodity price risk, and the risk of conversion from cryptocurrency holdings to fiat. Read more to learn about EndoTech’s Hedging Consulting Service.

Companies and individuals that encounter crypto-to-fiat conversion risk after receiving cryptocurrencies in an ICO or from acceptance of cryptocurrency as a merchant all need to manage this risk given that most of these entities have the majority of their operating costs priced in fiat currency. Ignoring this risk has proven disastrous for many involved in the cryptocurrency sector over the last year or so.

EndoTech provides consulting and active hedging services for those with this risk in the cryptocurrency arena. Regardless of the direction of the crypto market, responsible risk management should be an active part of any operation that has or accepts crypto as payment for goods and services. 

EndoTech’s founders have years of experience in hedging risks in agricultural, financial, and foreign exchange markets. EndoTech works with clients to identify, design, and implement an effective hedging strategy that meets their specific needs when managing their crypto-to-fiat currency conversion risks.

The volatility in the cryptocurrency sector is likely to remain high for some time to come, and companies with a planned and active risk management hedging plan are likely to encounter less stress, more stability, and better performance than those that don’t actively hedge.

Please contact EndoTech via support@endotech.io to schedule an initial appointment and discuss your company’s cryptocurrency risk management needs.

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Jake Levant

Jake Levant