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2022 Investors Expectations

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Anna Becker:

You all know that money working is a heavily abused sentence. It’s like Jerry Seinfeld was talking about this and ask why can you tell me why? Because it fails. It fails so many times, even the attempts that they’re not failing and you get some money from the system. It’s still failing you in your fantasy and your idea of what it should be. So let’s do our best and try to figure out what is the idea and what is the lacking part. Why it was failing and why we succeeded to do 60 million and why we grew so much.

So, first of all, what people looking for in breakthrough financial opportunities is returns, is profits. So when we talk about profits, is it interesting for you to get 5%? Not really. If you’re talking about savings and making your savings safe, of course 5% is nice. Even 3% is nice. But if you’re talking about breaking through something interesting, how much do you want? You’re thinking about a hundred. You’re thinking about plus.

This is what can make it interesting. But I will tell you more. People that think about financial opportunities usually think about quick wins. I want a hundred percent today. What’s wrong with that? Because it’s wrong thinking. You cannot force the world to give you a hundred dollars today. You cannot force the world to give you a hundred percent.

So what I want to talk to you about is our way of thinking about breaking through financial opportunity. We start with the definition of what is a high opportunity investment. And this is like my school when I was with my professor. I would like you now to really focus. Five minutes of true focus. High opportunity investments. We know that there is no such thing as high returns profits without high risk. I hope everybody knows there is no free cheese.

But when people think about high risk, high return. As I said most of our minds go to the short term. Even in the year of investment, we collapse it into one event. We’re thinking in one year we will be richer. In one year, we will be bigger. What we forget about is the element of time. And it’s extremely important. Time is probability. It’s much easier to create something where we have smaller returns. They bring you to the final big return, big profit.

So what I want you to remember is when you look at a high opportunity, you are looking at triangular. If you look only at high return and high risk, it will collapse. Just think about it this way. Just if you have this line, it will collapse on you. Why? Because it’s not sustainable. You cannot force things to work this way. You need probability by aiding the dimension of time you basically get where you can get sustainability.

Now I know that probability is one of the hardest concepts for human beings. And why is that? Because we know what is your probability? It’s not happening, right? We know what a hundred probability is. It means that it will happen. And we know what is 50, 50 it’s throwing the coin and you get one or another. This we get, the rest of the numbers for us mean zero.

It’s not something that we can feel. It’s not something that we can understand and know. So how do we do that? We calculate it. There is a science of statistics that helps us calculate it. And we as human beings, unfortunately have to rely on science to calculate it for us. So when I say high probability, think about it this way. You need mathematical tools, you need scientists, you need professionals that know how to calculate probability for you. Not for a single event, but for a series of events. Now what happens in our FinTech world? Why do you experience so many skips because it’s easy to fool you. It’s easy to show you something that is working while it’s smart. So let’s go further and try to understand the next concept of why we’re all here.

When we’re looking at the best in the world, Investment opportunities. Before that it was a stock market. Stock market promised you 20% of income. What it means that in 10 years if you invest a thousand dollars, how much will you get after 10 years? I did it myself I calculated. And with taxes, I put 25% just to be fair to our variety community of different countries. 25% as taxes plus 1% fee, we will get to 2.9 over the investment meaning $2,900. Is it life changing in 10 years from 1000 to receive this one? 

So this was calculated at the most profitable and successful. And when people talk to me, they usually say, “Forget about what you do.” I’m okay with 20%, why do you do a hundred? Why do you care about a hundred? And until recently I was not able to answer it. And then I did the math and then I said to myself, that’s why, because it will not change anything to anyone that I know.

Again, it’s a nice vehicle for savings. Don’t understand me wrong. It’s great for savings, but not to change our life. So I said, “Okay, interesting.” What is the number that is really the life changing number? And we started to do the poll between our clients to figure this number. Now you can do a little bit of internal game with yourself, how it is calculated. It’s 402. I’ll explain why. 

Just think for yourself, you are the person that has the salary. Have a little bit in savings because you’re just starting. Let’s say you’re 30 years old. So for example, $1,000 is a significant investment for you. It’s not something that you can lightly throw into something that you know is risk capital.

What is risk capital? This is very important. I hope everybody saw my video on risk capital under disclaimers. And this I will say right now upfront. Everyone in this room I really ask to watch this video and to deliver it further to every client and every partner. Please be aware that the risk capital that people should invest is the only capital that they internally can lose.

It’s not your pension fund. It’s not something that you put into your child’s education. It’s not even your next family vacation. It’s something that you are okay to lose. So it will not affect your wellbeing. But if you have the thousand and you are ready to risk it, this is what will make the change in your life. $400,000 will allow you to treat your financial life differently. I’m not talking here about becoming billionaires. I’m not talking, becoming even multimillionaires because this is just a dream. This is the reality, you want in 10 years to change your life financially. So 400 times is what we call a breakthrough financial opportunity. How can we reach it?

So we made the calculation an important element. You put the money. You wait for some time. You need to give it time because there are no miracles in this world is just… Again in this case I want to be very clear. You need to exercise some new style of investment. You need to wait. You need to put money to work for time. And the condition is that you use high opportunity investment, not in gambling, not the other potential ways to gain the money. But the high opportunity investment that we will now figure out what exactly it is. And you get your financial opportunity breakthrough. And then in 10 years you can buy a house. And then you can do things with your family. This will change your life.

So now the last part that we need to figure out is what is your high opportunity? How do you calculate it? How do you check that you are actually going into high opportunity and not in the new scale story or something that you’re not sure about. 

First of all the risk has to be less than 50%. It immediately will cut many, many opportunities that you’re going into. Because again as a people, we are like Germans jumping into opportunities. At the beginning I was saying, “No, no, no, it’s too risky,” and did this and then said, “Who cares?” So this is not a high opportunity. If it’s more than 50%, it’s very hard to come back to. Even during 10 years it will be very hard to go back to the potential profit. When I speak about risk, I mean potential loss within a year. We have 10 years to try potential loss within a single year. More than 50% it’s very hard to come back from.

High return, this is the fun stuff. It’s the exact number of how much you need to gain annually in order to get to 402%. This number is based on the fact that for high returns, you will need to pay a fee to any hedge fund, to any company that works with you on the profits. And you need to pay taxes. So you need to get 137% from the system to pay taxes, to pay fees, and then you will get to the results.

So when you’re checking the opportunity, check that they have more than 137 annually and high probability. So here is the story again. You need to find and to read about the fact that they understand what is the high probability for them. Do they think about probability? How they define it. So we’re done with hard stuff. Now we can relax. Now it’s fun.

So again, you want to give yourself. You want to teach your kids that there are breakthrough financial opportunities now in the world. And we are, EndoTech, the first company that is doing it. That you as a 20 years old need to put some money to work for you. You, as a 30 years old, need to put some money to work for you. And this way there is a chance. Again, there is no guarantee ever, but there is a very high chance that it will work for you.

Speaker 1:

We all know how to roulette, right? Putting black and red on roulette. And then let’s do it for 10 years. Is it a high opportunity? So let’s see how you can check that it’s not. Is it 50% or less? Every time you’re putting your dollar, you can lose it. So then you have no money to proceed. Is it a higher return? It’s almost there because it’s like it’s 200 if you calculate it, it’s almost there. But is it a high ability? Is it more than 85%? It’s 50, 50 and even a little bit less because of the green, because of the zero.

So Roulette is not a high opportunity. You will not be able as a gambler to get to the story. So this is a very useful tool for you to check when you’re getting into something. Whether it’s something for the long term and you can really rely on it, or it’s something that you do for fun.

Another one, lots of time, I’m being called to put money into the lottery. And then the next question I ask them, “Do you know that I love statistics and understand statistics?” And they still try to convince me, “No, no, no, with us if you buy these tickets and you do this and you do this, you have a chance.” So let’s check. High risk because you’re putting your dollar. It can go away almost 100% and when I’m saying hundreds, almost a hundred. The return can be amazing. It’s like for this return we dream. But the probability is so small that year after year, it doesn’t matter how much you invest, no chance. So the lottery is not a high opportunity. But there are guys that offer high opportunities. And I want to talk about this specific one. How many of you know this Renaissance Medallion fund?

The first floor because I told you about this. Not you, but yeah. Perfect. So this is a story and I invite you to read this book about the founder. They did this year after year for 32 years, an average of 66% annually. Just think about this. It was before the huge uptake of Bitcoin. It was before that our lives started to speed up and things started to speed up on the growth it was before. And he made it with purely algorithmic trading. He made 66% every year for 32 years on average. But for 32 years. Yeah, 32 33. So what does it teach us?

This is the phrase of my brother. What does it teach us that it’s possible? But what is the difference between what we do and what he did? The difference is that he took a very small club of his employees in France and created a whooping hundred billion dollars.

Just think hundred billion dollars if we do the same, but not in 30 years, but in 10 years, how many lives we can change. This is our mission. This is our mission as Endo tech to get to the story for you. To get to the story for our network. We want within the next 10 years to create the wealth of hundred billion dollars for our clients. I know, I know.

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