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EndoTech Crypto Algorithm Results

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Anna Becker: I’m fortunate to have an extremely smart and fun and great team in Endotech, but the addition to the Endotech that I found in you guys is just amazing. So thank you so much.

And again, the reason for this page is that as every procrastinator, I was preparing this presentation during the last week or two, and it came to me that everything that we do right now, it’s actually the culmination of some things that we were dreaming for a long time, and you are the team to take it there. It’s something extraordinary that happened to us and something that we got the name for it now, and that’s why these pages will help me to guide me through the definitions and help you to understand where we are and what will happen to us. Because again, we can reach something extraordinary.

Endotech: Something extraordinary happened during the last eight months, and you are a huge part of it. Endotech exploded. We are a very, very profitable company with a high cash flow. We reached over 100 million in gross revenues. Thanks to you and thanks to our other partners in business. Our monthly volume is this presentation. These pictures were taken in June. So guess how much we had in August? Off the charts; two and a half billion in monthly revenues.

Audience: Wow.

Anna Becker: Total assets under management is 150 million. It’s much more right now. And the final number, total connected accounts, again, 155. Now, we’re talking about close to 165.

So do you know what it means? It means that Endotech became a company which is what we promised to be at the end. We crossed the valuation and any of you who is in valuation business and know about market capitalization, we are a technological SaaS company. Anybody knows what are the multipliers over the revenues for technological companies?

Audience: 20.

Anna Becker: 20, good choice. Between 10 and 40, and for the companies that grow like that, it’s the better half. So we did something, which I personally, when we were doing it in January, I said, yes, probably we’ll get there but when I was not expecting it to be in eight months, but the most important number that the new category that we created in investments that the new world that we are creating in investments is this one. Over 60 million was brought to our clients within the last eight months. Please give us a big round of applause; 60 million in profit.

Audience: Whoo.

Anna Becker: We, as Endotech, created wealth not for the big guys, but the small guys-

Audience: Whoo.

Anna Becker: That puts between $100 and more. So, for me personally, it’s a huge achievement because nobody, literally, nobody in the world made these things for retail clients. Again, this concept came to us just over the last few weeks that we are creating a new world and a completely new definition of the finance breakthrough financial opportunities.

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