Why is Crypto so Challenging to Set Up?

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Video Transcript:

Why is crypto so challenging to set up? Crypto wallets and AI algorithms can be complicated. How can it be simplified? These are cutting-edge technologies, and we continue to improve the experience. Because Endotech is a client custody AI automated investment solution, we need to make sure it is set up right.

First, while using our algorithms, your funds stay in your wallet. That means that Endotech needs a secure access to deliver live trades to all member accounts. To ensure this high level of performance, there are many aspects, including correct API keys and much more. When using a client custody bot, you will get the benefit of keeping your funds secured in your own wallet. However, it does require you to monitor and check periodically to ensure your API keys are active, your bot is active, and that your trusted exchange hasn’t requested any other information or verification.

If you ensure these steps on your side and keep your subscription active with payments, then Endotech can deliver automation and best-in-class trade executions in your own account. Thank you, and we wish you a continued investing success.

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