How to Deposit Funds for Binance Accounts

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Video Transcript:

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Amir Isaacs, VP of Partnerships at EndoTech, and today, I will show you how to make your first deposit to your Binance account.

There are several ways to make a deposit. You can choose a bank transfer, a credit card transfer, or a crypto transfer from another wallet. In this guide, I will focus on making a crypto deposit directly from your wallet to Binance.

In order to start the process, click on the Deposit button on your dashboard and choose Cryptocurrency. You will have to choose the right currency you’re looking to deposit. Then, pick the network you would like to use for the transfer. In this case, we’re transferring USDT using the TRX20 as the network.

Once you’ve decided which cryptocurrency you’re transferring, you will receive a wallet address. There are many wallets out there, and the same process applies to all. You will have to withdraw and paste the address Binance gave you. Make sure to double-check the address you’re entering on the initial wallet one last time before proceeding with the withdrawal.

Finally, the cryptocurrency you chose to deposit will appear in your spot wallet on Binance.

For more information on how to connect your strategy, visit our support page Good luck, and thank you for choosing EndoTech.

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