How To Choose Your Strategy Using Endotech

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Video Transcript:

How to choose your strategy. When you land on the strategies page, you’ll see a list of all the different strategies in front of you, each marked with its title. And then you’ll have an understanding a little bit of what they do and if they’re Alpha or Beta. You can also sort between all the different strategies by seeing them all, seeing the Beta strategies and the Alpha strategies, or by searching by those that are just per exchange.

The Beta strategies are the long-only strategies and the Alpha strategies are the ones that allow you to go short and long both. These may depend on which restriction you’re in from so you may not be able to see each one of them. But once you have zeroed in on a strategy, you can then go and understand a little bit more about it, how long it’s been running, what the initial capital that was invested, where the capital stands today, the peak to value, the returns, the number of winning months and losing months.

And you can see here how it’s performed over time in the green. And the gray is how the market itself, the overall crypto market, has performed. So in this instance, you can see is far outperforming. To get a better understanding, you can go trade by trade and see each of the positions that it’s had.

Here, is the trade history in position. For those of you who do not have live accounts, these are delayed by 24 hours. And for those who do subscribe to each one of them, they’ll be in real-time. When you do find a strategy that you like, go ahead and click the setup strategy button. And then it connected to your account.

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