How Beta and Alpha Algorithms Work in Bull or Bear Markets

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Video Transcript:

My name is Dr. Anna Becker, and I’m the Founder and CEO of EndoTech. Beta opportunities are only the long opportunities, where we’re saying that we can go only in the long direction, only in bullish direction. And then every bearish opportunity is basically the loss for us. Okay?

So ideally, we will take this 59%, then 44%, then 26%, and so on. Altogether, it’s 1,290% of the opportunity in Ethereum markets. Now, what we do is, you can look at this as a zig-zag function, where every time we go from the bottom up, it’s our opportunity for the buy, and then when we go down, it’s an opportunity for the sell. What we’re trying to achieve is, of course, having an optimal way of entry and exit for the buy and sell.

So when we look at our technology, we made, for example, on the moves that we were observing, the following trades that led to 50.4% profits on the first move, and then 23% loss on the second move, and then 40% on the third move. Altogether, we are achieving 254%, which is catching 20% of the total opportunity of the market. Our improved version is getting us 344%, which is already closer to one surge of the opportunity and so on. On the alpha side, again, we’re looking for just 7% as the old versions out of the whole opportunity, but it’s coming up to the whooping 136% of the profit. So from our point of view, we are committed to improve each entry in each edit that we’re doing. So at the end we are getting to the best entry and exit and capitalizing on the most of the opportunities.