Watch: Especially now, Algos Deliver

Dr. Becker explains why every Alpha strategy is performing. The crypto market is down more than 50%, but 4h EOS Alpha is Up 100% past 6m.  EndoTech algos work. 24/7. Emotion free. And deliver returns. To Allocate New Funds & Set up 4h EOS Alpha, click here or contact your account manager to set up […]

Algorithms vs. Investment Roulette

Algorithms-vs.-Investment-Rouletteblog Transcript of Anna Becker Speaking: Here is a fun story. So we see that it’s possible, right? And not only them, I will show you some other funds that did it and are doing it. They don’t have this impressive track record, but there are hedge funds that have done it year after year, […]

Endotech Mission Breakthrough Financial Opportunities

EndoTech-Algorithms-Audited-Results blog

  Dr. Anna Becker: EndoTech is the first company doing breakthrough financial opportunities for retail investors. There is a new category that does not exist in the market. This new category will help us teach our kids that there is another way to manage their finances. There are other opportunities. We don’t need to throw […]


performance report

In August 2021 the performance report includes: Returns generated for clients: $18,462,818.39 Total connected client accounts: 157,662 Total assets under strategies: $160,039,469.20

Durable models development principles


The cornerstone of trading models development is to lower the risk of losing money and the risk of future failures. Once we have built a model, it might work great on backtesting for a few years. Then it works fine on real money for a few years. But suddenly it stops working.  If a model stops […]

Forex and crypto markets: modeling and trading


As you may have learned from our previous blog posts (read 1, 2) or Youtube videos (watch 1, 2), there are many differences between the forex and crypto markets. They define the modeling methodology, or how we trade, and what strategies we use with an emphasis on three parameters: the size of moves, liquidity, and […]