Is High Frequency Trading (HFT) in Crypto possible?

A question we often get is, “Are there real High-Frequency Trading opportunities in Crypto?”  High-frequency trading implies that there are opportunities in the market to make fast, quick trades in order to capture small mispricing opportunities in-market.  These pricing opportunities might be caused by a host of reasons including latency in pricing signals, or disparity […]

What Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Fund?

What is a Crypotcurrency Exchange Trade Fund?

Crypto investing is becoming more accessible. With the crypto ETFs, investors can experience digital crypto assets without dealing with blockchain technologies. For many, this is the ideal way to have exposure to cryptocurrency. What Is a Cryptocurrency ETF? A cryptocurrency exchange traded fund (ETF) is a fund consisting of cryptocurrencies. Most ETFs track an index […]

How EndoTech’s Automated Al Algorithms Work

how automated AI algorithms

  Transcript: Dr. Anna Becker Speaking: There are several definitions of algotrading and many types of algotrading. Before AI computerization, algotrading was called systematic trading, and traders would sit next to monitors full of charts, news, and other information, make decisions when to buy and to sell, and then send trades through one of the […]

How To Start Investing In Cryptocurrency: A Guide For Beginners

how to start investing in cryptocurrency for beginners

Are you looking to invest in the crypto market this year? Before you expand your portfolio of crypto assets it’s important to do your research. We’re featuring the best cryptocurrencies to start investing in this year, a step-by-step guide to investing in crypto, and so much more!   What Are Cryptocurrencies? A cryptocurrency is a […]


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The Advantages Of Automated Trading In The World Of Crypto

The Advantages Of Automated Trading In The World Of Crypto

Automated trading is all the rage in the world of finance, and the field of cryptocurrencies is no exception. Learn about the advantages of automated trading in the crypto space and what it can mean for you. If you’re active in the cryptocurrency market and prefer trading over HODLing, you’ll need a well-planned strategy to […]

Lessons From The Latest Bitcoin Slide – Downturns & Automated Trading

Lessons From The Latest Bitcoin Slide - Downturns & Automated Trading

The Power Of Automated Trading Systems In The World Of Cryptocurrencies Oftentimes, participants in the crypto space ask themselves whether they should trade or HODL. What about a third option that is probably your best bet in times of market turmoil? Check out the advantages of automated trading in these scenarios, and how you can […]


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