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Alpha Strategies Beat the Bear

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Dr. Becker’s quant team have modeled Alpha strategies (those that can go long and short) to capitalize in this bear market too. Check out this Alpha strategy beating the bear!

EndoTech’s Alpha algos can see both the bull and the bear and sell or buy accordingly.

So, are you still holding on for dear life?
Are you in EndoTech’s Alpha’s? 

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[ See strategy ]

P.S. Some of you have asked about Beta strategies. Yes, they are less active now because there are fewer upwards trends to catch. Our Beta strategies have saved substantial amounts for our clients as they were in a flat USDT position during the crash. Meaning they performed exceptionally well and continue to monitoring and catch the trend. For now, there are fewer trade opportunities.

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Anastassia Vervaet

Anastassia Vervaet