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  • EndoTech Q4 Announcement: Institutional Cryptocurrency OTC Delivery Has Arrived

EndoTech Q4 Announcement: Institutional Cryptocurrency OTC Delivery Has Arrived

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Over-the-counter (OTC) refers to the process of how assets are traded within the cryptocurrency field without the use of a trading exchange such as Binance, Kraken, or Coinbase. Cryptocurrency assets traded over-the-counter are executed via a broker-dealer network instead of a centralized exchange.

When trading cryptocurrency on any exchange, execution, competitive pricing, and risk mitigation are paramount. Exchanges are frequently hacked, user funds misappropriated, and network issues can often stop you from being able to log in and trade during busy or volatile periods. 

Beyond technology issues and the risk of having your funds stolen, making large order executions is almost impossible without having fill issues or large slippage. Even via the best API connection socket, you will suffer from high fees, order slippage, order execution issues, and fill issues (especially if you attempt to move large quantities manually or via an automated strategy).

For institutional clients at EndoTech, the way forward is clear. EndoTech is now positioned to provide best-in-class execution and competitive pricing for large-scale cryptocurrency trades. Clients can execute large block trades in one place without the hassle and cost of splitting a trade into multiple transactions. 

When clients subscribe to EndoTech’s service and the portfolio strategy is applied via OTC delivery, clients clear settlement every 48 hours. Institutional clients can now gain access to the liquidity they need by joining other brokerage firms, miners, ATM networks, exchanges, hedge funds, banks, and cryptocurrency funds that trust EndoTech to deliver seamless execution and portfolio ROI.

EndoTech has an excellent track record of executing large-scale trades across the cryptocurrency ecosystem for mining firms, exchanges, institutional investors, and other corporate entities. To learn more, contact support@endotech.io so we can walk you through our institutional OTC services.

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Dmitry Gushchin

Dmitry Gushchin