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EndoTech Private Club HYPER SHIP program

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As part of the exclusive EndoTech Private Club Hypership program, investors will be able to choose between several high-leverage versions of the specifically tuned Shuttle strategies.

Image for EndoTech’s Private Club HYPER SHIP Program explaining how the algorithmic trading feature works
Features of EndoTech Private Club HYPER SHIP Program

Leverage is a simple concept – instead of providing the full market value of an asset such as Bitcoin, a trader’s account balance operates on “margin.” 5:1 leverage (or 5x) means that for every dollar the trader stakes in equity, they can trade $5.

Still, leverage can be tricky. By increasing potential returns, one should be ready to accept a similar potential increase in losses. Currently, EndoTech strategies rely on long trends and therefore accept the risk of up to 30% capital losses. With such risks, one cannot expect to increase returns more than twice without being ready to lose capital.

Therefore, we first had to rework our strategies to reduce risk to 20-25%, and second, to use leverage in a brand new smart way by increasing and decreasing it based on market and strategy performance.

Compound and Reinvestment: This is another valuable investment tool we use at EndoTech to increase returns by keeping probability and risk intact. Simply keeping your investment connected to our Hyper Ship strategy for 1-3 years can potentially generate an expected x10-x100 compound effect of total returns.

Probability is: At EndoTech, we make sure to develop our strategies to the highest standard in the quantitative industry while providing investors with a probability of close to 80% to succeed with our automated strategy execution. We aim to continue delivering high and consistent probabilities of success and actively work to reinvest in our company to ensure that is the case.

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Jake Levant

Jake Levant