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Why People Invest in Crypto Might Surprise You

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A recent study reveals the real motivating factor for cryptocurrency investments.

An exciting new study has shed light on the driving factors of cryptocurrency investments. The study anonymously polled 1000 Americans, a portion of which had never invested in cryptocurrency; the rest had reported a range of experience with crypto trading. The survey focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the motivating factors leading retail investors to invest their savings in the crypto market, as well as what they foresee as feasible percentage returns for an investment option.

The study revealed that a new generation of investors, ages 18-29, is redefining what they view as viable investment opportunities and their reasons for doing so. In contrast to the older generation’s idealistic objective of a golden retirement, the new investors are motivated by a desire to see investments materialize immediately. In other words, the new era of retail investors is using cryptocurrency trading as a gateway to their goal of immediate investment returns. In fact, 58% of investors cite making outsized returns as the main reason why they are active in this market.

Financial Advisors and Long Term Savings Plans are Outdated

Coupled with the goal of quick returns, the survey results indicate that new investors no longer consult with a third-party intermediary such as a traditional financial advisor regarding their investments. The trading process, from market research to investment, is happening in the individual’s home, on their personal devices.

Potential investors don’t schedule drawn-out appointments at the bank, nor do they meet in cold corner offices and they definitely don’t wait for the taciturn banker, seated behind a giant oak desk, to tell them what to do with their money.

The new investors are in control of their money and they prefer to act fast. This is partly why digital transactions are so attractive. A strategy of investment return with potential for growth in the distant future is not appealing to the new retail investor. They prefer online advice forums with financial experts in industry trends where they naturally and comfortably navigate through peer-to-peer market advice. This familiar process allows new investors to come to their own trade decisions while connecting with an active online community.

Retail Investors Welcome New Era of Smart Technology, Realizing Return Expectations

Reddit, Twitter, and their social media counterparts are acting as unpretentious financial advisors, guiding a new generation of retail investors with their trades. The 2022 survey, published by EndoTech, indicates that retail investors aren’t intimidated by untraditional trades, and their expectation to realize an immediate return outweighs the risks of a financial loss.

Although the familiarity of online forums has its appeal, the investment advice from crypto investors isn’t rooted in empirical data, it doesn’t have a smart AI algorithm calculating enormous amounts of trades and it is bound to make erroneous projections. Thankfully, smart crypto investment projection technology exists and it’s successfully bridging the gap between tech savvy investors and their drive for strong returns and fast-paced results.

Endotech cryptocurrency

Demand for breakthrough financial returns inspires new AI technology

The cryptocurrency market continuously gains momentum, the number of new and repeat investors is growing and the amount of money invested is rising. Young retail investors are looking to avoid the pitfalls of human error with cryptocurrency exchange. Well-versed in the benefits of AI based technology, and looking to protect their crypto assets, investors are demanding modern algorithmic tech for their crypto trades.

EndoTech is leading the way in the implementation of AI platforms, providing retail investors with the necessary tools to make informed trades, ensuring that success rests in their hands. The world runs on AI, investors are habituated to making a range of impactful decisions quickly, including entrusting accessible smart technology for their trade advice. 

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