Fund Management

What is Fund Management?

Asset management is the process of monitoring and maintaining things that are valuable to an entity or group. It can apply both tangible assets such as buildings but also intangible concepts like intellectual property and goodwill; this means it’s not just about managing physical possessions anymore! Asset Managers may be entrepreneurs who invest their own money into different companies they believe will succeed on behalf of others – often called “asset rich” clients because these individuals have so much wealth at hand due from various sources, including profits made off sales over time-and professionals trained specifically for working within large corporations where there’s usually plenty available when you need them most.

There are many different views on what asset management means, but it’s often based on one goal: achieving the greatest return. However, there is another perspective that sees this process as more than just generating money from your assets – instead its focus lies in maintaining facilities systems with an objective to provide best possible service for users (such public infrastructure).

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