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The Crypto Market Crashed – Not EndoTech Algos

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It’s painful – even ‘conservative’ investments have crashed this year. S&P, NASDAQ, Crypto, BTC and even USD!

HODL’ing has crashed.

S&P   – 19%
NASDAQ    – 30%
Crypto – 44%
BTC – 34%
Even the USD! – 9%  (Ouch! Watch out for inflation!)

EndoTech algos preserve and grow wealth
Compare these ‘conservative HODL’ investments vs. Algos YTD.


Algos don’t work on ‘hunches’. They can detect movements and act ahead of that.
That’s why the market is down 20 – 40% and EndoTech algos are flat to up 120% this year alone.

Stop gambling.  Invest smarter.

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Anastassia Vervaet

Anastassia Vervaet