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In November 2023

  • Algorithmic Fine-Tuning in Anticipation of ETF Approvals

    In anticipation of the forthcoming ETF approvals, EndoTech’s algorithmic team is currently fine-tuning its modelling. The expected approvals are anticipated in early 2024 and hinge on the approval of the SEC’s Gary Gensler. If granted, these ETFs are projected to contribute to an upswing in trading volume.

  • Incredible Uplift in German AI Adoption

    We have recently concluded a series of discussions throughout Germany about our breakthrough AI, and the reception has been remarkably positive. Following the strong adoption of our AI solution in the German market, there has been a notable uptick in High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) and Family Office investments. This surge in investor interest has been accompanied by increased media recognition in the local market, with publications such as Yahoo Finance.de highlighting our accomplishments.

  • Client Service Improvements

    The EndoTech team has achieved a significant leap forward in the process of onboarding new clients, streamlining the API setup, and simultaneously enhancing security parameters. This improvement has already been experienced by our new clients. A heartfelt thank you to the UX and product team for their continued efforts in addressing these crucial usability issues and making notable progress.

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David Leadmetrix

David Leadmetrix