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In July 2023

  • Artificial Intelligence Advancements
    Our research team does not take a summer break; instead, we continue to develop our artificial intelligence. Dr. Becker’s quant and development team have strengthened the AI toolkit at their disposal. While the list of AI experts and tools is expansive, some of the recent advancements include optimized use of tools like Influence Diagram, Conditional Random Field (CRF), Bayesian Additive Regression Trees (BART), Prophet, and DeepAR
  • Client Reviews & Testimonials
    We value our client relationships, and our clients value our technology and service. We have hundreds of clients who have proactively shared their thoughts about our service on leading review websites like Benzinga and Capterra. These stories describe the impact our artificial intelligence is having on investors. EndoTech is proud of the innovation we are bringing to clients. We invite our clients to share their stories with their investing colleagues or on one of these websites. Of course, if there is anything we can do to support your investing, feel free to reach out to our team directly at support@endotech.io.
  • Product Innovation: Enhancing Transparency
    One of our company’s core values is complete transparency. EndoTech’s product is designed to ensure that all clients can see and understand every action. Importantly, every trade and its result are available in the client’s wallet and on our website. To further bolster client understanding, EndoTech continually adds more features. For example, we have now added the exact fee structure within each client account for each activity to ensure that clients are making informed investment decisions.


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David Leadmetrix

David Leadmetrix