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Performance Report For January 2021

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In January 2021, EndoTech will collect performance incentive fees from 588 clients from a total of 2,386 active accounts.

These users are located across 78 countries and are all our exclusive Shuttle Program & Private Club members.

Total Client AUM: $35,479,746 USDT

Total returns our strategies delivered for clients in December 2020: $8,876,157 USDT

Our average client performance within just 90 days is over 61%. Clients are enjoying smart compounding growth over annual term connections.

New In January:
• System returns records broken three months running
• Record-breaking December 2020 with 556% return achieved by our top strategy in just 30 days
• Launch of ET-Fund product for hedge funds with the ability to manage multiple strategies and sub-accounts

Image showing EndoTech's Performance for January 2021 using Hypership-ETH leverage strategy
Endotech Algorithm Trading performance report for January 2021

Endotech Crypto AI

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Jake Levant

Jake Levant