Dr. Anna Becker is the co-founder and CEO of EndoTech.


Dr. Anna Becker

Dr. Anna Becker is a distinguished figure at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Financial Technology (FinTech). Dr. Becker earned her PhD in Computer Science and AI from the esteemed Technion Institute of Technology in Israel. Her academic journey has been marked by a commitment to understanding and advancing the applications of AI.


Academic Achievement

Dr. Becker’s academic prowess extends beyond her doctoral studies. She is an accomplished author, having published extensively on AI topics. Notably, she co-authored a definitive book on Bayesian networks, a work widely cited in the recent surge of interest and development in AI.

Entrepreneurial Success

Dr. Becker’s impact on the FinTech landscape is highlighted by her entrepreneurial ventures. She founded and successfully sold Strategy Runner, a notable FinTech platform for automated investing. This platform gained widespread adoption among global investment firms, particularly in the realms of foreign exchange and commodities.

Leadership in Finance

With a comprehensive background in financial technologies, Dr. Becker has led quantitative investments for large funds and fund of funds. Presently, she serves as a director of a hedge fund that leverages AI for investment decision-making, showcasing her ongoing influence and expertise in the financial sector.

Diversified Expertise

Beyond her contributions to AI and finance, Dr. Becker is a multi-faceted individual. A concert pianist by passion, she extends the application of her AI modeling skills to diverse domains, including medical longevity research.

Dr. Anna Becker’s professional journey is deeply rooted in academia, entrepreneurship, and finance. Her impact spans from her foundational academic research to her successful ventures in FinTech, culminating in her present leadership role in a hedge fund leveraging AI for investment decisions. Dr. Becker’s versatile expertise and ongoing commitment to innovation make her a noteworthy figure in the realms of AI and financial technology.