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EndoTech New Year 2019 Release

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Image displaying Endotech’s New Year release notes for 2019
Endotech New Year 2019 Release Notes

Congratulations to our community on taking the next step towards EndoTech’s AI evolution!

Today, December 24th, 2018, EndoTech is launching a New Year release that includes: 

  • ETBot™ connection to the Bitfinex exchange
  • Intra-bar Gradual Profit Targets
  • Re-entry (trade-reversal) signals
  • Mixed portfolios capability
  • Improved usage of Leverage
  • New Version of EndoTech Pro Orders to reduce spread, slippage, and maker/taker fees
  • New version of EndoTech Indicators: ET Volatility Indicator, ET Opportunity Indicator, ET Breakout indicator in ET Portfolio logic

ETBot™ connection to the Bitfinex exchange

Please follow our instructions to connect an exchange account.

For existing users: If you decided to split your funds between Kraken and Bitfinex accounts, please follow our instructions.

ET Leverage Rules:

Though we are implementing leverage in all orders, the active usage of leverage happens after:

* 30% positive return, or

* 20% account loss.

After a 30% return, the system starts using a compound feature together with 2x Leverage.

And if your account is down 20%, we keep active capital fixed at 80% (using leverage) until your account balances in order not to reduce active capital. The reasoning behind this is that cryptocurrency markets are volatile enough not to have high risk/reward without leverage.

As our clients request higher leverage – we want to help them be responsible traders — not gamblers. Until clients have a buffer of returns (30%) or sufficient reason to speed up the recovery process (after a 20% loss), we consider an increase in leverage to be too risky. Given that markets can crash 10% in a few hours, increasing leverage to 2x,3x,5x – will lead to 20%, 30%, 50% losses in such extreme moves, especially when some of the exchanges don’t have enough liquidity to exit all positions.

During a “flash crash” situation, our rule of bot execution is to wait until the market cools down before exiting positions. Given that the market is usually over-reactive, it recovers some of the moves rather quickly.

We don’t want to put our clients and ETBot™ into the situation where one unsuccessful trade execution will be a deal-breaker and stop clients from using ETBot™.

Intra-bar Gradual Profit Targets

We have introduced Gradual Profit Targets that lock some of the profits for each trade/position.

We don’t yet send them through emails or display them on our resulting charts on the website, but you can see them appearing on your accounts that trade via ETBot™.

Re-entry (trade-reversal) signals

In cases when a reversal move is strong and demands not only the closure of a position but taking the opposite side, we introduce Re-entry or Trade-reversal signals that ETBot™ will apply.

Mixed portfolios capability

We are constantly expanding our trading methodology and ideas and have decided to implement a mechanism for upgrading our portfolios with new algorithms while keeping a majority of active capital with the previous version of the algorithms. We start with the 30-70% rule but keep it flexible based on risk/reward/stability and other important factors.

ET Pro Orders

We implemented a New Version of ET Pro Orders to reduce spread, slippage, and maker/taker fees.

Over the last quarter, we went from market orders to limit orders (join ask/bid) to limit mid orders ( (ask+bid)/2 ). We continuously implement improvements to the algorithm to limit order execution, starting with identifying optimal price and optimal cancel/replace timing.

ET Indicators

We added the ET Volatility Indicator, ET Opportunity Indicator, and ET Breakout indicator in the ET Portfolio logic.

We are getting closer to the release of our upgraded fully functional ML system, which can fine-tune, adapt, and learn from the market in real-time. One of the remaining steps was to improve the internal indicators to facilitate the parametrization of the market for the ML system.

For more details, contact our  support@endotech.io by email.

Endotech AI

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