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Major Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency in 2022

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Unlike traditional currency, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions and to control the creation of new units. Cryptocurrency has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, with the market expanding rapidly.  As of January 1, 2022, there were over 2,000 different digital currencies in circulation.

While there are many pros to investing in cryptocurrency, there are also some cons that should be considered before making any decisions. In this article, we will take a look at the major pros and cons of cryptocurrency in 2022.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, which means that it is not subject to the control of any central authority like a government or financial institution. The basic concept behind cryptocurrency is simple. It’s a type of digital asset that exists only on a computer network called the blockchain. The blockchain is shared among all users of the system, so everyone knows what’s going on with every transaction. Blockchain technology makes it very difficult for someone to change previous records without being noticed by other users. Cryptocurrency transactions are verified by miners who use powerful computers to solve complex math problems. When a miner verifies a transaction, they are rewarded with a small amount of the cryptocurrency.

There are two main types of cryptocurrencies – public and private. Public blockchains allow anyone to use them, but they can’t be used privately. Private blockchains are accessible only through special accounts.

A cryptocurrency is created when a user transfers coins from their account into another account. Each coin represents one unit of value. For example, Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. The total number of Bitcoins in existence is limited to 21 million. Once those Bitcoins are gone, no more will ever be created. 

What is Cryptocurrency Used For?

Cryptocurrency is used for a variety of purposes, including online payments, purchases, and transfers. Cryptocurrencies are also often used as an investment, with people buying digital currencies in the hopes that they will increase in value over time.

What Are the Major Pros of Investing In Cryptocurrency?

Using cryptocurrency can have a number of advantages, including:

24/7 Availability

Another pro of cryptocurrency is that, unlike the stock market, cryptocurrency markets are open 24/seven and the trading volumes are high! This means that you can buy or sell digital currencies at any time, day or night.


Cryptocurrency is also accessible to anyone with an internet connection. You don’t need to have a central bank account or go through a financial institution to use it. This makes it a good option for people who don’t have access to traditional banking products.


Another benefit of using cryptocurrency is its ability to remain anonymous. When you make a transaction with cryptocurrency, your personal information is not attached to the transaction. This can be helpful if you want to keep your identity private or avoid government control.


One of the biggest pros of cryptocurrency is its decentralization. Unlike fiat currency, which has one central bank that issues it and controls the supply, cryptocurrency is issued by users who control its creation. This decentralized structure makes it more resistant to government interference or manipulation.

High-Return Potential

The returns associated with investing in cryptocurrency can be higher than traditional investments. Digital currencies tend to rise in value quickly, sometimes doubling or tripling in price within a few months.

What Are the Major Cons of Investing in Cryptocurrency?

While there are many advantages to cryptocurrency, there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. These include:

Scalability Issues

Because of how cryptocurrencies work, they aren’t always able to handle large amounts of transactions. As more users join the network, this problem becomes more pronounced.

Security Risks (Especially for Newbies)

There is always the risk of fraudsters taking advantage of new investors. Because cryptocurrency is still a relatively new phenomenon, there are not yet any established rules or regulations to protect investors from scams. Also, the use of a crypto or digital wallet, makes new users easy targets for hackers. Because of this, most cryptocurrency exchanges require customers to create new accounts before making deposits.

Other security risks include a crypto owner misplacing their private key (which allows access to your coins and all your holdings), hackers, and phishing. Experienced investors eventually learn how to look for and avoid some of these risks.


One of the biggest cons of cryptocurrency is its volatility. The prices of digital currencies can fluctuate wildly, and this can make them a risky investment.

Does Bitcoin Have the Same Pros and Cons of Other Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is by far, the most popular cryptocurrency. It was the first in the crypto market, and while it does share some of the same pros and cons as other digital currencies, it also has its own specific pros and cons.

Pros of Bitcoin

Market Size

Because it was the first, it has a larger market share and is more widely accepted than some of the other options.


Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, which makes it easier to buy and sell than some of the lesser-known coins.


Because there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins mined, it is considered a scarce resource. This could make it more valuable over time.

Cons of Bitcoin

Mining Costs

The costs of mining Bitcoin have been rising steadily over the years. This makes it less profitable for miners and could lead to a decrease in the supply of Bitcoin.

Transaction Fees

Another downside of Bitcoin is that transaction fees can be high. This is due to the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency and the limited space on each block.

While investing in cryptocurrency can be a risky proposition, it can also be a lucrative one. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting to learn about digital currencies, it’s important to be aware of all the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

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