What is Electronic Trading?

Electronic trading allows buyers and sellers to meet in a virtual marketplace instead of on a physical trading floor. Most exchanges in the US and Europe offer an online trading platform, rather than – or in addition to – trading at their physical locations. NASDAQ was the world’s first electronic stock market. Examples of exchange-owned […]

How To Start Investing In Cryptocurrency: A Guide For Beginners

how to start investing in cryptocurrency for beginners

Are you looking to invest in the crypto market this year? Before you expand your portfolio of crypto assets it’s important to do your research. We’re featuring the best cryptocurrencies to start investing in this year, a step-by-step guide to investing in crypto, and so much more!   What Are Cryptocurrencies? A cryptocurrency is a […]

A Quick Guide to Automated Crypto Trading

a quick guide to automated crypto

Do you want to join the thousands of other crypto traders making money trading cryptocurrency in the crypto market but don’t have the time to sit at your computer all day long? If so, automated crypto trading platforms may be a great option for you! Unlike traditional stock markets and paper trading, where trading stops […]



Ahead of the start of Q4 2021, EndoTech announces the release of its NEW financial vehicle for retail clients. This category of investment vehicle is called (and later mathematically defined) as Breakthrough Financial Opportunity or BFO.

Top-5 questions about trading large volumes model performance

model performance cover6

From our previous article or Youtube video, you may know that there are two important questions that irritate model developers. People are asking what will happen if everybody joins one strategy.  Instead, the true question is what happens to the model performance if it trades large volumes. The model performance moves the opposite to the […]

What if everyone is trading the same strategy?


There are two emotionally charged frequently asked questions. The first one is what would happen if everyone starts trading the same strategy? I don’t remember the first time I was asked this question. But I do remember this question asked during one of the meetings that changed my destiny and brought me clearly to where I […]

Durable models development principles


The cornerstone of trading models development is to lower the risk of losing money and the risk of future failures. Once we have built a model, it might work great on backtesting for a few years. Then it works fine on real money for a few years. But suddenly it stops working.  If a model stops […]

Forex and crypto markets: modeling and trading


As you may have learned from our previous blog posts (read 1, 2) or Youtube videos (watch 1, 2), there are many differences between the forex and crypto markets. They define the modeling methodology, or how we trade, and what strategies we use with an emphasis on three parameters: the size of moves, liquidity, and […]

Differences between crypto and forex markets


In comparison to the crypto market, forex is completely different in its nature. It is the oldest and has the biggest volumes in the world. On the other hand, the crypto market is still very young and still trying to find its place among institutional investors and professional traders. The behavior of these two markets […]

Sideways market: how do we handle it?


One of the questions that came up recently is algorithmic performance in the crypto market over the past few weeks. In mid of June 2021, EndoTech’s community participated in two large moves of the crypto market: bullish one, then bearish one. And then there was also the sideways market. Moves of the crypto market and […]