performance report

In August 2021 the performance report includes: Returns generated for clients: $18,462,818.39 Total connected client accounts: 157,662 Total assets under strategies: $160,039,469.20

Expending A Leveraged Bullet

After a flawless consecutive three months of positive results, a large set of moves in January caused a full negative loss for 42 clients. These clients are limited only to those who joined the Hyper ETH Leverage X 10 strategy in January 2021.

EndoTech Private Club HYPER SHIP program

As part of the exclusive EndoTech Private Club Hypership program, investors will be able to choose between several high-leverage versions of the specifically tuned Shuttle strategies.

EndoTech – Truly Modular AI-Based FinTech Solutions

Fresh out of the box, we just released our latest autumn system updates, and times are undoubtedly good. Besides being firmly in the black here at EndoTech, we are also almost at the culmination of our seventh year of operation!