Is High Frequency Trading (HFT) in Crypto possible?

A question we often get is, “Are there real High-Frequency Trading opportunities in Crypto?”  High-frequency trading implies that there are opportunities in the market to make fast, quick trades in order to capture small mispricing opportunities in-market.  These pricing opportunities might be caused by a host of reasons including latency in pricing signals, or disparity […]


In August 2022 Expanded Customer Success Team With growing demand for proven algos, we’ve added new client success team members. They are now also available on WhatsApp and Telegram. New ETH Merge Algo Launch Launching a new Beta strategy with new modalities to capture anticipated swings and volatility. In the News Dr. Becker interviewed on […]

What Are Cryptocurrency Whales and Why Do They Matter?

Cryptocurrency whales are investors who have bought large amounts of bitcoin, ether, litecoin, etc., at once. They often invest through exchanges such as Coinbase or Kraken. Whales are usually very successful investors because they have access to information that other investors don’t. They also tend to move crypto markets, either buying or selling assets, depending […]

High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Crypto

High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Crypto

High-frequency trading is a practical strategy to consider in crypto trading because HFTs use powerful computer programs to transact a large number of orders in fractions of a second. Is HFT Applicable to Crypto Trading? High-frequency trading (HFT) is widely known in the financial world. This practice involves automated algorithms that trade stocks, currencies, and […]

What Is High-Frequency Trading (HFT)?

High-frequency trading (HFT), also known as algorithmic trading, refers to the practice of executing trades within microseconds, milliseconds or even nanoseconds. Traders use sophisticated software to trade stocks, options, futures contracts, commodities and currencies. These computers are programmed to buy and sell securities based on technical indicators like volume, price movement and volatility. The term […]

Strategies Of High Frequency Trading (HFT) for Crypto

Strategies Of High Frequency Trading (HFT) for Crypto

High-frequency trading is quantitative investing that is characterized by short investment holding periods. AComputerized quantitative models make all portfolio-allocation decisions, and the success of HFT strategies is largely driven by the ability to simultaneously process large amounts of information, something ordinary humans cannot do. Specific algorithms are closely guarded secrets by their owners, and many […]

High Frequency Trading Software (HFT) for Algorithmic Trading

High Frequency Trading Software (HFT) for Algorithmic Trading

What Is High Frequency Trading Software? High frequency trading software is something that can be extremely beneficial to a trader. The faster things go with trades, the better. That goes for order fills and charting, among other aspects of trading. Humans are not nearly as fast as high-frequency trading software could be. That’s why it’s […]


In July 2022 EndoTech in the news. Our founders are sought after for their expert ideas as the market manages crypto winter, regulatory changes and potential. See all the EndoTech coverage in the news. Institutions choose EndoTech. Thanks to our algorithmic investing approach and secure custody, we have won the trust of numerous institutions and […]

How Do I Use the Bitcoin Volatility Index?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and it is traded like any other tradable asset. However, unlike traditional currencies, bitcoin prices are volatile. This makes it difficult for investors to predict how much money they could potentially make or lose based on what happens to the price of one bitcoin. But now, you don’t have to worry […]