Why Do We Need a Sub Account?

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Video Transcript:

Why do we need a sub-account? Our trusted brokers allow you to have one account. However, if you manually trade or want multiple algorithms trading for you, you’ll need sub-accounts. To do this, our brokers provide you with a solution.

To apply for a sub-account you’ll need a balance of 10,000 or a trading volume of 10,000. Apply for this on the broker’s website, complete their forms, asking for sub-accounts. For Binance it typically takes one to three business days to activate this feature for you. Gemini currently does not support sub-accounts and other brokers such as Bitfinex and Coinbase Pro offer this in one click on their site. Once you have the sub-account feature, you can create as many sub-accounts under your main account and have multiple strategies trading for you at the same time. Find the sub-account application in our FAQ area at endotech.io.

Thank you and wishing you a continued investing success.

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