EndoTech Fees – Performance and Licensing Fees Explained

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Video Transcript:

EndoTech fees are designed to align our interests with our clientele. EndoTech algorithms are used by retail, high net worth clientele and institutional clients. Our free structure consists of performance fees and annual licensing fees.

Our model is performance based, so our fees are very much in step with our profitability and are in step with our proven track record. While many services charge one time fees, they do not have interest in your financial success. That’s not the case with EndoTech, EndoTech is highly vested in continuing to ensure the success of each and every client. So much so that our model relies on performance fee, we earn when you earn. For most strategies, the performance fee represents 30% of profit quarterly. This is based on high watermark and after any and all costs are factored in. EndoTech’s algorithms have created disproportionate wealth, and we command a fee for the AI and automation that underpins that technology.

There are basic subscription licensing fees that go to cover the heavy compliance and support requirements to serve clients globally. Depending on the size of the account licensing fee can range from 10 to 15%, these are paid annually. For those with access to the VIP strategies, there are no license fees, but performance fees are 50% of profit calculated from the high watermark monthly. In all instances, fees must be paid immediately in order to ensure ongoing algo trading on your account. For further questions, you can reach us at support.endotech.io or via WhatsApp and Telegram.