Dr. Anna Becker Explains the EndoTech Mission

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Video Transcript:

During recent years, investing in high opportunity markets has grabbed a lot of attention. However, where there is opportunity, there is also risk of losses. Investing in volatile markets is difficult. You might be asking yourself, what is the right time to invest? Did I already miss the opportunity or is it too early, or is it just the right time? How can I pay attention to my investment in 24/7 markets? If I use third party services, how can I be certain that my funds are secure? Unlike more stable markets where underlying valuations earnings and economic cycles are clear, crypto market dynamics are different. In traditional markets, the buy and hold approach can work. But in crypto where we saw 70, 90, and even 100 percent of losses, we need something smarter than simply investing and holding the coins. I am Dr. Anna Becker, CEO and founder of EndoTech.

I have Ph.D. from Technion in computer science and AI, and I have been working with investment algorithms for over 20 years. Never before has such a large market have seen wild volatility as in crypto markets, creating both enormous risk and incredible investment opportunities. This young but vibrant market is still very volatile and presents hope for the new future and opportunities for many people. This exact volatility helps our AI system to identify patterns more consistently and automatically buy or sell or subscribe client accounts. That means that our AI can detect trading opportunities 24/7 and have them automatically captured on client’s accounts. This quant trading strategies previously only available to institutional investors is now available for private investors. We believe that using advanced technology to make smarter investments should not be available only for elite 1% of investors. Making consistent, risky investment is the way for breakthrough financial opportunities and should be available for any investors with their risk capital. With EndoTech, private investors have the tools to do so. With hundreds of thousands of investors and hundreds of millions of dollars connected, automated training strategies are now approving themself for private investors like you.

One more important thing I want to share. Given the challenges in this market, we know the importance of security. Our solution is client custody. That means that clients benefit from automated trading signals execute on their own account, but never transfer funds. We use a limited API solution that connects to popular wallets like Binance, Bitfinex, Gemini, and Coinbase Pro. Our team continues to develop and improve our automated strategies. See there are trade by trade performance on our website in your own secure account. And if you’d like to start out trading, feel free to sign up directly on site. I invite you to join our smart risk investment services. Select a automated trading strategy and create breakthrough financial opportunities for yourself. Good luck and profitable invest.

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