Algorithmic Crypto Investing for Everyone.

Get hedge-fund results automatically on your secured crypto account

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Algorithmic Trading for Cryptocurrency Markets

Algorithms remove needless ill-timed transactions. Machine-Learned strategies identify tactical breakouts instead of hoping for scalping wins.

Monthly Crypto Algo Volume:

$ 2000 Billion

Total connected client accounts:


Algorithms Proven in Hedge Funds

From Wall Street to Main Street. Now every investor has access to the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. The exact algorithms that trade for Hedge Funds are now available.

Stop Guessing When to Buy & Sell

Algorithmic-based investments capture opportunities in the midst of volatility, without the complexities of owing any underlying assets outright. No more “missed the spike” or “held the drop”.

Using Technology to Identify Winning Trades​

Proven Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms identify opportunities. Automatic trading mechanisms execute trades across accounts instantly for execution on member accounts.

Lightning Fast Crypto Trades

Proven Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms identify opportunities. Automatic trade execution send trades to accounts globally and instantly for execution on member accounts.


Algorithmic crypto investing enables investors to achieve sustained alpha, benefit from advanced AI and execution, mitigate risk and maintain full custody of their accounts.

High-risk • High-return
(10-100X) Investment

24/7 Automated Trading
Without FOL/FOMO

Systematic Risk Reduction

Safe Funds: Client-Based
Custody Solution 

Remain in Full Control of Funds

Consistent Trading Volume

(10+ trades per month)

“Dr Anna is quite a character. I have been watching her for years and trying to understand all the technology. Obviously it’s too much but she understands the limits of people and how to use technology.“

“Very cool. Bit hesitant of course. But the service is really doing automated trades. NOTE – do not do manual trade on the same account or it will be tough to see your trades with the algo. Use a different account so it lines up 1 to 1”

“Endotech is rare. You can see the people who run it. It’s not one of those things that you can never find out if it’s real. I even connected with the CEO on LinkedIn. lol“

“Results are up and down. Nice to see the ups. always worry about the down. but its not a guarantee. happy to have the technology to help me trade these markets.”