Crypto Investing:
Profiting Even Down-markets?

Investors expect crypto to provide breakthrough returns.

Can it?

A recent survey that anonymously polled 1000 Americans revealed that retail investors are using cryptocurrency to achieve their goal of achieving outsized returns.

A full 58% of respondents saw that crypto was unique in its ability to breakthrough financial opportunities.

And, given the well-publicized stories of countless overnight millionaires created in the 2020 and 2021 crypto rush, it’s clear to see why many ordinary people feel a sense of missing out. This FOMO continues to drive new investors to try their hand in crypto investing. But, as new market dynamics take root, too many investors are realizing that they are not equipped for these volatile markets.

“Crypto investing,
like all financial investing,
is not that easy.”

Dr. Anna Becker


Bitcoin down more than 50% YTD

Buy and pray doesn’t work (aka Bye Bye HODL)

Cryptocurrencies are renowned for their market volatility. It’s exactly these sharp price movements that have created — and erased — enormous wealth. The wealth accumulation and erasure has never been greater or quicker. This spells both opportunity and disaster for investors. What’s the difference between a successful crypto investor and a disastrous investment strategy?

Bitcoin down more than 50% YTD

In 2022, the first 5 months have seen the erasure of nearly half of the crypto currency market cap. For early Bitcoin and Ethereum investors, they may still be in the money, but for the vast majority of those that came looking for out-sized returns, they have realized the hard truth: HODLing doesn’t work («Holding on for dear life»).

The 2022 crypto crisis has shown how hunch-based HODLing doesn’t work. Reddit, Twitter, and their social media counterparts have shown that they too are prone to notorious overstatements and promises coached in fancy terms. The LUNA disaster is just another example of that.

New opportunity:
Using the “Institutional Investor” approach

Although the familiarity of online forums has its appeal, the investment advice from crypto investors isn’t rooted in empirical data, it lacks one critical component data:

Rumors and social media don’t have smart algorithmic technologies calculating enormous amounts of trades and opportunities. Thankfully, smart crypto investment technologies exist for successfully bridging the gap between tech savvy investors and their drive for strong returns and fast-paced results.

Retail investors demand “Institutional”
algos and automation

The cryptocurrency market continuously gains momentum, the number of new and repeat investors is growing and the amount of money invested is rising. Retail investors are looking to avoid the pitfalls of human error with cryptocurrency of early 2022.
They are looking to capitalize on algorithmic ways to identify crypto opportunities. They are looking for well-established methods for risk mitigation. They are looking for ways to capitalize on the market volatility — not just be worried about it.

Retail investors can’t be attuned to the markets 24/7. They want to be able to leverage AI to find opportunities, and automation to execute on their behalf. They are looking for simplified automation to remove the emotions and attention of successful investment.

Retail investors get their chance

Institutional pioneer — EndoTech — has cracked open the opportunity.

They have pioneered a way for providing retail investors with the necessary tools to make informed trades, ensuring that success rests in their hands. The world runs on AI, investors are habituated to making a range of impactful decisions quickly, including entrusting accessible smart technology for their trade advice.

For more than 162,174 investors (and counting), EndoTech has helped them capture the outsized returns of the crypto markets and enjoy the fruits of this volatile market automatically.

Total assets under alogos

$ 2.412 Billion

Total connected accounts


These results continue to perform whether in upmarkets or the recent downmarkets. Through a full client custody (SMA account structure), investors can keep full security of their funds and have trades automatically delivered to their wallet.

Yes — retail investors can profit in down markets.

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Dr. Anna Becker


Dr. Becker holds a PHD in AI from the Technion and has developed financial investment algorithms for the worlds largest funds and banks. She has founded and is now servicing hundreds of thousands of clients with those same tools.

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